IF you close your eyes, you might be fooled into thinking that the lush, driving sound of the Ashboys comes from a typical four- or five-piece rock band -- or maybe even an 8-piece horn act.  Surprise:  there are only TWO PLAYERS up there!




G A R Y   G I R O U A R D
Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Mandolin
Lead and Background Vocals


A longtime resident of Ashburnham, MA, now living in Fitzwilliam, NH, Gary started performing in Fitchburg bands at age 14.  As a guitar player and singer he has performed all kinds of music including rock, pop/Top 40, Funk, R&B, blues, country and folk.  Some of the bands Gary has been part of over the years were People of Today, White Fog, JRS Express, Catch 5, Gale Force, Crossroads, and Legacy, an acoustic trio. He is also part of the band for the Franklin County Community Chorus in Greenfield, MA.

He has performed at various open mic nights in Westminster, Gardner, Royalston, and Fitzwilliam, NH. Gary and Bruce have known each other for years and the opportunity finally arose to put their collective talents together to create The Ashboys!




B R U C E   W A H L E R
Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar
Lead and Background Vocals
MIDI Programming


Currently living in Ashby, MA, Bruce originally hails from Western NY, and has been playing in bands for decades, starting as a lead singer at the early age of ten.  He has played and performed almost every kind of popular music including rock, pop/Top 40, R&B, country, gospel, progressive-rock, jazz/fusion, and even performed solo as an acoustic guitarist and pianist.

Bruce's history of working with brass-focused bands can be seen in the tight horn arrangements of The Ashboys.

Bruce's many past projects include Vehicle, the Alan Stone Project, Don't Tell James!, Thin Ice, Bad Habit, Moondance, Lazy Eight, The HornZone, Stranger, Circus, Tunestone, The Perpetrators, and Blue Steel.  Bruce occasionally works with other local acts as a fill-in keyboard player and backup vocalist.



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